I Could No Longer Do It Alone

Three Ways For Your Cleaning Business To Stand Out From The Rest

by Warren Brown

If you are thinking about starting your own cleaning services company and want to know how you can set yourself apart from the competition, here are three ways to stand out from the rest.

Go Green - Many Canadian residents are concerned about the environment, especially since finding that their country has been ranked 11th highest when it comes to ecological footprints. If you are starting a cleaning business and want to do your part to keep Canada earth-friendly, offer green cleaning services.

Whether you plan to clean houses or places of business, you will stand out in the crowd by going green. Besides helping the environment, you will also be helping people who experience negative side effects when harsh cleaning chemicals are used. Because the environment is such a concern, you will find there are many janitorial supply distributors who have a line of green cleaning supplies and products.

Be In Uniform - Another great way to stand out from the competition is to be in uniform whenever you go out on a cleaning job. If you are planning on hiring employees, there are many advantages to wearing uniforms. Not only do uniforms give the impression that your company works together as a team, but it also helps everyone look professional. Uniforms alleviate potential problems such as employees wearing clothing that sends the wrong message. Other advantages to being in uniform include:

  • Creates attractive business image
  • Great way to display logos and company colors
  • Free advertising

You will find there are no shortages of uniform supply companies in Canada who will help you find the best uniforms to fit the needs of your cleaning business. Talk to experts like Spotless Uniform Ltd for more information.

Play Pretend - The most important part of your cleaning business is how well you actually clean. This is the number one thing you are getting paid for and if you cut corners or don't do a thorough job, chances are your customer won't want you back. It is vital you drill this into your employee's heads as well.

Tell them pretend they are cleaning their own sinks, toilets, and floors. When your customers realize you and your employees even dust behind the drapes and clean underneath the toilet lid, they will know they can trust you with their cleaning needs. They will not only be a satisfied customer but they will refer your services to others.

When it comes to standing out from the rest of the many cleaning services, remember to go green, be in uniform and pretend you're cleaning your own home and office.