I Could No Longer Do It Alone

Creative Uses For Your Vacuum Cleaner

by Warren Brown

Of course you know how to use your vacuum cleaner on your carpets and rugs. However, did you also know there are many other ways you can use your vacuum? It can help you to keep other parts of your home clean, free your home of pests and more. Read the article below to learn other ways your vacuum cleaner can help you out.

Use it to get pet hair out of your bedding

If you have a pet that likes to lay on your bed, then you already know how much hair this can put in your washer and drier. You can use your vacuum to clean your bedding off before you wash it. This will remove a lot of the excess pet fur before it even goes into the washer.

Clean out cobwebs

Cleaning cobwebs out of the corners of rooms with a broom can leave your walls dirty and smudged. Instead, you can use the hose on your vacuum to suck them out of the corners without messing up your walls.

Clean your bookshelf

Books can gather a lot of dust and this can be bad for those in your home that suffer from allergies. It can be a daunting task to take every book out of the bookshelf and dust them one by one. Instead, you can take the hose of your vacuum and dust your entire bookshelf in just a matter of a few minutes.

Vacuum out neglected shoes

If you have a pair of shoes, slippers or skates that you haven't worn in a long time, you want to make sure no pests, such as spiders, have made a home in the toes. The safest way to do this is to stick the hose of your vacuum down into the toes to clean them out.

Vacuum off your light fixtures and ceiling fans

When you clean your light fixtures and ceiling fans with a damp rag, a lot of dirt and hair can stick to the surface. This can make it harder to get them clean, especially if they are high up and hard to reach. Taking the hose of your vacuum to them first will remove a lot of the debris so you can use a damp rag without having these things stick.

Clean your window screens

Window screens also hold on to a lot of dust. When you open your windows, the breeze will blow a lot of that dust directly into your home. Washing the screens with your garden hose will work, but it also dirties your windows. You can vacuum the dust off the screens with your vacuum and not have to clean your windows after.

Now that you know more ways you can use your vacuum, you'll find it to be a much more appreciated appliance around your home.