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Why Does Your Carpet Look Dull After A Shampooing Session?

by Warren Brown

When you shampoo your carpet, you expect it to come out looking fresh and clean. Why, then, does it sometimes look dull and lackluster for a few days after a shampooing session? The simple explanation is that what you're seeing is probably shampoo residue left on the carpet fibers. Read on to learn more about why this residue sometimes appears and how to avoid it.

Why does shampoo residue appear on your carpet?

Your carpet shampooer mixes shampoo with water, ejects it into the carpet, and then sucks it back up again. A small amount of shampoo will always be left behind, because there is no rinse cycle on a standard home carpet shampooer. The system is designed to leave this small amount of residue behind – but when you're getting so much residue that you can see it, something is going wrong.

One possibility is that your carpet shampooer is not sucking up enough of the water, and thus too much shampoo is being left behind, too. It's also possible that the mixing mechanism in your shampooer is broken, and it's adding too much shampoo to the water.

Most often, however, the shampoo residue is due to human error. Are you using a shampoo that is made specifically for your carpet shampooer? They come in many different concentrations, so using the wrong brand may result in too strong of a shampoo and water mixture, leading to residue. It's also possible that the shampoo you're using is supposed to be diluted with water before you add it to the shampooer's compartment, but that you're forgetting to do this.

What are some ways to avoid leaving shampoo residue behind on your carpet?

First, read your carpet shampooer's instructions and make sure you are following them closely. If the shampooer instructions say to squirt the carpet once and then go over it three times with the suction option on, for instance, make sure you're shampooing with this pattern. Also, verify that the shampoo you're using is designed for your machine, and that you're diluting it as directed on the bottle.

If you follow the tips above and you're still noticing residue on your carpet, there's a good chance your carpet shampooer is broken. It's probably mixing the shampoo and water improperly, or not sucking up enough water. Check it over for any clogs, and clear them if you find them. Otherwise, it may simply be time for a new carpet shampooing unit. (For more information, you can contact Pro-Steam Plus Carpet Cleaning)