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How To Begin A Sandblasting Job On An Old Home

by Warren Brown

Restoring the brick façade of an old home can take a lot of time, effort, and care. Sandblasting is one method you can use to remove old paint and grime from the bricks on the outside of your home. Here is how you can use a sandblaster to restore your home's brick facade to its original finish.

You Will Need:

  • Sand Blasting Machine
  • Commercial Grade Sand
  • Respirator
  • Plastic Sheets
  • Heavy Gloves

Remember Safety Considerations

Make sure you are wearing a respirator that will filter the size of the grains of sand that you are going to use to sandblast and that you wear proper eye protection that won't allow sand to get into your eyes – sand getting into your lungs and eyes can cause damage to your body.

Spot Test First

Before you begin sandblasting the façade in earnest, make sure you do a test run in an inconspicuous spot on the house. This will give you the opportunity to set the right air pressure on the sandblaster, test out your nozzle, determine how far back you should stand when using the machine and how fast you need to move to ensure an even finish, and spot any problems you might have with the bricks or the machine before you start the job.

Close Entryways to the Home

Sandblasting can be messy, and the sand particles can infiltrate your home through the HVAC unit, windows, doorways, and ventilation pipes. You should put the cover on the HVAC unit, or use a thick plastic sheet that is tightly tied down if you don't have a cover. You can either remove air conditioners (if you don't have an HVAC unit) from windows or cover them with plastic sheets, too. Stuff any openings around windows and doors with towels or some other material – you can also put the plastic sheeting to cover the doors and windows.

Sandblast Carefully

You can begin sandblasting after you have become familiar with the machine and covered all openings into the house. Make sure you go at an even rate and never sandblast one spot too long. The sand digs away at the surface of the bricks and, if you stay at one spot too long, you can burrow into the brick – this will create an uneven surface and damage the finish on the façade.

Sandblasting will remove paint and old grime from the surface of the bricks on the outside of your home. You should take your time to learn how to operate the machine, even if you have experience on other types of sandblasting machines, to make sure you obtain the appearance you are trying to achieve.

If you don't have the time or skills to do the job yourself, you can hire the professionals from a company like BlastAll Power Washing Paint Removal to take care of it for you.