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2 Reasons To Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

by Warren Brown

Having your carpets cleaned by a professional is a great way to make your carpets look like-new and fresh again. A professional carpet cleaning service can help you completely eliminate pet stains and improve your air quality.

Pet Stains

One of the worst kinds of stains that you can get on your carpet is a stain due to your dog or cat defecating or urinating on the carpet. This is a major issue because there are so many different issue that can arise as a result. For example, many regular household cleaning supplies will not be able to completely remove the stain or the residue.

Another complication is that once the stain sets in, even if the visible signs of the stain are gone, the smell can linger. This smell presents a few problems of its own, such as drawing your cat or dog back to the spot in order to continue urinating or defecating in that area. Another issue is that every time the weather heats up, the smell will come back with a vengeance and cause your home to smell foul.

Thankfully, a professional carpet cleaning service can help by utilizing equipment and cleaning solutions that will eliminate all traces of the stain from the carpet and the padding underneath. In addition, this cleaning process will also eliminate the health hazards that can occur because of the bacteria that pet soiling can leave in your carpet.

Air Quality

Finally, a professional carpet cleaning service can greatly improve the quality of the air within your house. Dirty and old carpets will often have dust particles and allergens trapped in the fibers. The dust and allergens can often become so ingrained in the carpet that a vacuum cleaner will not be able to remove them.

These dust particles and allergens can cause all manner of health risks, ranging from allergies to trouble breathing. In addition, someone suffering from asthma or other respiratory issues may find himself or herself suffering from more frequent complications with his or her illness. The poor air quality can also result in you or your family getting sick more often than normal.

Speak to a professional carpet cleaning service today in order to discuss the many benefits of their service. These services can improve the healthy of you and your family by helping to improve your air quality, while also eliminating all traces of pet stains from your carpet.