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Three Ways To Keep Your Plush Carpeting Looking Its Best

by Warren Brown

Plush carpeting has a smooth, luxurious appearance and a soft feeling underfoot, making it perfect for low-traffic, formal areas such as dining rooms and sitting rooms. To keep it looking and feelings its best, however, it's essential that you care for it properly. Follow these three tips to keep your plush carpet looking like new.

Vacuum your plush carpet with the vacuum brushes on a high setting.

When you're vacuuming plush carpet, you don't want to set the brushes so low that they end up grinding their way through your carpet. This will tear up the delicate fibers, making them look rough and unkempt. Set the brushes at a height at which they just barely brush over the top surface of the carpet. No, this will not remove as much debris from your carpet as setting the brushes lower, but since plush carpet is typically used in low-traffic areas that don't attract as much dirt, this should be ok.

Choose your carpet shampooing products carefully.

If you choose to shampoo your carpet yourself rather than have it cleaned professionally, read labels carefully before you buy a carpet shampoo. You will want one that states that it "leaves minimal residue," since shampoo residues tend to be more visible on plush carpets than on more highly textured ones. Also, makes sure you choose a shampoo that's compatible with the brand of carpet shampooer you're using. Otherwise, your shampooer may not dilute the shampoo to the right strength, and you may end up with extra soapiness.

Choose furniture with wide legs, and don't move your furniture more than is necessary.

The fibers of plush carpeting are easily crushed, so indentations form easily when furniture rests on the carpet. These indentations will be less obvious if you choose furniture with wide legs, since the weight will be distributed over a greater surface area. Be careful when you arrange your furniture that the places you choose are the places you want to keep it in for a long time. You don't want to be rearranging furniture on a plush rug any more often than is needed, since you'll leave behind a lot of indented areas.

There are several types of plush carpeting on the market. Some are made from natural fibers like wool, others are synthetic, and others are made from a blend of natural and artificial fibers.  Make sure you read the owner's manual when you first get your plush carpet, as it probably includes some specific care instructions tailored to the carpet material.

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