I Could No Longer Do It Alone

Party Foul! Cleaning Your Carpets Before, During, And After A Party

by Warren Brown

If you are an entertainer and like to have gatherings at your house, part of this is going to inevitably involve wear and tear on your carpets. Accidents will happen, and you need to be prepared. If you are ready for spills before they occur and have a post-party clean up plan, you will be ahead of the game. Here are carpet cleaning tips to arm yourself with before, during and after a party:

Before - Put Down Rugs and Don't Pre-Clean

Don't set yourself up for a disaster by cleaning carpets before a big party. Keep the lights low and put down additional rugs in the common areas or entryways. This will hopefully catch any spills, and can hide any existing carpet issues you might have. If your carpets are in need of professional carpet cleaning services, wait until after your epic party to have this done so that you don't have to re-clean. Your guests won't notice or care if your carpets are a little shabby.

During - Refreshment Choices and Scan for Accidents

If your party starts to get a little wild, it is a good idea to keep an eye on things and do damage control as you go. If you are in charge of refreshments, skip the red wine and darker drinks to try to keep food choices to neutral colors. Avoid supplying darker fruits or spreads that could potentially stain your carpet.

Keep seltzer water handy and try to pre-clean any accidents during your party so these don't have a chance to set in.

After - Assessing Damage and Acting on It

If your house is going to need some intense cleaning after your most recent party, one thing you shouldn't delay too long is cleaning your carpets. If wine have been spilled or crumbs are settling into your carpeting pile, don't let these set in and cause more damage.

Have a professional carpet cleaner come out and get your carpets back to normal. Pre-treat stains with a removal solution, and vacuum up spilled food before this breaks down and damages your carpet.

If you love to throw parties and entertain your friends, don't let your party turn into a downer just because a few accidents happened. If you have some major cleaning to do, be sure to call in a professional carpet cleaner to get your carpets back to even better shape than before your party.