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Tips For Hiring A Maid Service If You Have Pets (Even Problem Ones!)

by Warren Brown

Pets and strangers can be an unpredictable mix. If you're hiring a maid service, it's important to consider how you're going to deal with this combination, especially if you have nervous or difficult animals. Many people with pets still hire cleaning services – it just takes a little preparation.

Communicate With The Service

It should go without saying that you should let the maid service know about your pets in advance – including how many you have and what their personalities are like. This also helps the cleaning service be sure not to send, for example, a maid with a dog phobia to a house with a Great Dane. Think about whether you have any special instructions as well – maybe your cat is very friendly but reacts poorly to being petted, for instance.

Be Home For The First Cleaning

Some people always try to schedule cleanings when they will be home; others prefer to schedule cleanings when they'll be out and then come home to a clean house. But no matter what your preference is, it's a good idea to make sure you're around for the first cleaning – if not the first few cleanings.

You may think you know how your cat or dog is going to react to having cleaners in your home, but by being home, you can be completely sure. It might turn out that your normally friendly cat becomes very skittish at the noise and fuss of a cleaning, or that the dog you think of as nervous turns out to get along great with the maids.

This also gives you a chance to introduce the maids to your pets. This is especially important for dogs, who will be much more likely to see the maids as guests instead of as intruders if you are there at the same time. Most maid services will send the same people to clean your home each time, so it's good to get the relationship between maids and pets off on the right foot.

Have Problem Pets Away During Cleaning

If you have particularly aggressive or territorial pets, you may need to move them away for the safety of the maids; on the other hand, if you have a pet who is very nervous with strangers, you may choose to move them for their own mental health.

This doesn't have to mean boarding a pet or having a neighbor take them in repeatedly, however. You can set aside a room in the house for your pet and ask that the maids leave the door shut and not enter; if you have a backyard pen, you can make sure to keep your dog there during cleanings.

Consider Green Cleaning

This is a separate issue from the interaction between maids and pets. However, many cleaning services offer green cleaning that uses natural and non-toxic cleaning agents. Many pet owners like green cleaning because of the added peace of mind when it comes to what your pets might be breathing in or walking through after your house has been cleaned.

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