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Five Basic Tips To Maintain Clean Carpeting In Your Vacation Rental

by Warren Brown

Hiring professional cleaners like Enviro-Steem is a great way to maintain your vacation rental when you live far away, but you can clean the home on your own when you live within driving distance. While it is not that challenging to maintain your appliances, plumbing, electrical, landscape, and most of the home, the portion that generally receives the most wear and tear is the carpeting in your vacation rental.

It is helpful to follow the tips below on keeping your carpets clean and attractive.

Freshen Up with Baking Soda and Essential Oils

Although you should vacuum the carpet regularly, especially after guests leave, you should not stop there. It is possible to neutralize bad odor and bring in a desirable scent by mixing baking soda and essential oils together, and then sprinkling it on the carpet. While you can enjoy positive results with a simple sprinkle, you will get ideal results by rubbing it in and letting it sit overnight before vacuuming.

Add Vinegar and Water to a Steam Cleaner

When you own and maintain your own vacation rental, you should consider investing in a steam cleaning machine for deep cleaning the carpets. Although you can use cleaning products specifically made for these cleaners, you can also use an equal part combination of water and vinegar to create a highly effective and natural cleaning solution.

Supply Wide Bottom Drinkware

Maintaining your carpet does not mean everything has to relate to the carpet itself. For instance, you can provide wide bottom drinkware in the kitchen to prevent guests from using glasses that are easy to spill. While guests can still cause spills, you should mainly focus on minimizing the chance of them.

Use Absorbent Cleaning Cloths

Vacation guests should do what they can to keep your home clean, and this includes the carpeting. If they happen to spill something, you should provide them with what they need to get it clean. It is best to leave absorbent cleaning cloths in the rental, because they are effective at picking up spills immediately.

Add a Mat or New Flooring at the Entrance

As your guests walk through the door, their footwear is likely to have some dirt and grime, even if it is minimal. However, it does not take much to dirty the carpeting, which makes it important to provide your guests with an entrance mat to clean their shoes or take them off completely. Alternatively, you can install new flooring inside the home at the front entrance, such as tile, which is much tougher to get dirty.

Maintaining the carpet in your vacation home is an excellent way to minimize upkeep costs. By following the methods above, you will have multiple ways to ensure your carpet stays clean and long-lasting.