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3 Signs You Have Mould In Your Home

by Warren Brown

Having mould in your house can be dangerous for many reasons.  It could compromise the health of the people in the home as well as compromise the actual foundation and structure of the house. This is why it is important that you know how to detect mould early on and get the problem taken care of before it becomes serious. Here are some signs that you have mould in your house.

1. Allergy Symptoms

When you are exposed to mould for a long period of time you may start to show allergy symptoms. For example, someone who has never had asthma before may start to exhibit symptoms similar to asthma. They may have a hard time breathing, begin wheezing, or experience labored breaths that make the chest rise. In addition, you could have people in the house get rashes, itchy and watery eyes, runny noses and any other allergy symptoms. If you cannot determine what is causing the allergies, then you may want to have someone come and test for mould. This could easily be the culprit for the health problems.

2. Strange Smells

Another sure sign that there is mould in the house is that there is a rancid smell. In the beginning, it may just smell like mildew, but over time it can become rotten and start to smell more rancid. You may notice the small is more faint in some places of the house and stronger in other areas. This is totally typical of mould, seeing that it is likely to grow in certain places.

You should be extra wary of mould in the basement, places where there has been a recent flood, under the sink, or in the bathroom. Mould thrives in places that are wet, warm and dark. Mould can even grow in-between walls. This can make it very hard to find, which is why you may need to hire professionals to detect the mould.

3. Black, White Or Green Spores

The most obvious of all the signs is the sight of mould. You may notice that you have green, white or green spores growing around the house. If there is a small amount visible to you, then there is probably a lot more where you cannot see it. This is why you should call a professional if you notice any mould. Clean Air Services Inc offers mould remediation services and more. Don't assume that it is just a small problem that you can take care of on your own.

By understanding the signs of mould you can protect your home and family.