I Could No Longer Do It Alone

Be Ready to Tip Your Commercial Cleaner Around the Holidays

by Warren Brown

When the holidays are right around the corner, it's easy to have your mind occupied with gift ideas for those in your family and circle of friends. It's also important, however, to give some thought to those who provide assistance in various ways throughout the year. If you run a small or medium-sized business, you'll often find yourself chatting with the commercial cleaning services that keep your working space clean for you, your staff and your customers. While tipping after each weekly visit isn't necessary, it's a sign of good etiquette to tip your cleaning when the holidays arrive. Here are some things to know about doing so.

How Much to Give

The recommendation for tipping your cleaner as a way to express your thanks around the holidays is to give either a cash tip or a gift with a value up to the amount that you pay the cleaner in one week. Regardless of whether you wish to give cash or an actual gift, it's ideal to include the tip with a note of thanks. The best way to write a note of thanks is to not only express your gratitude for the cleaner's care and attentiveness, but to also use specific examples that reinforce your point -- these make the message in the note come to life and show that it's not simply a form letter.

Gift Ideas

Cash is a simple way to give your tip and is something that your cleaner will often prefer. However, if you wish to give a gift, you have a few options. Don't give something that relates to cleaning -- remember, while cleaning is their occupation, it's likely that he or she has pastimes other than cleaning. A gift card to a restaurant is a thoughtful gift, as is a gift card to a gas station, grocery store or movie theatre.

Giving More

Some business owners or managers opt to give more than the suggested amount if their cleaner routinely goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide top-level service. There are several instances in which you might wish to take this approach. For example, if your place of work is customarily extremely dirty and you know that the cleaner has to work extra hard to get the place up to par, it's nice to reward this effort with a generous tip. Additionally, if your cleaner is always friendly and courteous with your staff and makes a special effort to work quickly and avoid disrupting the office, you might also wish to tip more.