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How To Fight Dirt And Debris On Your Parking Lot

by Warren Brown

When you own a parking lot, you simply cannot avoid exposing the parking lot to the elements. Some cars might leak oil due to a leak somewhere in the engine. Dust and dirt will blow into your parking lot and are beyond your control. If you live near the ocean, you may have salt and sand covering your parking lot. Gum and food stains are also a common parking lot concern. However, with the right methods, you can not only clean your parking lot but also prolong the life of the parkade. 

Dirt, debris, salt, and other contaminants not only make your parking lot look terrible but can also corrode and damage your property. Cleaning your parking lot is less expensive in the long term if you consider the cost of repairing and replacing a poorly maintained parking lot. While some of these problems are difficult to control, by providing easily accessible garbage cans, you may at least cut down on the amount of litter.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing, also known as power washing, is the best way to remove dirt and debris that will inevitably find its way onto your parking lot. It is very efficient and the force of the power washing device will dislodge dirt and debris while also washing it away. However, power washing is often not enough and you'll need experts to take steps to ensure that you get the best results.


A professional power washing service will pre-treat the surface before it is power washed to ensure that any stains are removed during the power washing process. Pressure washing is often combined with a scrubbing service because the high-pressure washer is sometimes not strong enough to remove the stain. The power scrubber uses both water and detergent to lift the debris. 

Parking Lot Painting

After power washing a parking lot, you may notice that the paint has faded. Many parkade cleaning services will also offer painting services so that your parking lot lines look bright and sharp.

When you clean your parking lot frequently, your property will look newer and cleaner. This will have a positive impression on your guests. This is especially important if your business is a luxurious hotel or restaurant. Your business may look less prestigious and sanitary if the parking lot doesn't look pristine. A cleaner property is also safer and better for the health of your guests.

For more information, contact parkade power washing services in your area today.